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About Us is a courier company mainly sending parcels to Bangladesh from the USA. We are here to help you to buy product from world best online shopping website like Amazon, eBay, Best buy, Forever 21. We bring Products with Air cargo from the USA to Bangladesh within 5 to 8 days for urgent order for regular order 2-3 weeks. All kind Amazon and eBay Product import and sell in Bangladesh.

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How to Order

  • Inbox us your product link ( Amazon, eBay, Best buy, Forever 21 and others)

  • You will receive a feedback massage about your product price and BD shipping cost within 24 hours.

  • You will receive a shipping time schedule and payment information.

  • You have to pay 30% in advance when you will order the product.

  • After payment send your full mail information. ( name, contact number, mail address, home address, advance amount, payment way)

  • You will get a notice.

  • When we will receive your product, we will inform you.

  • We will deliver you product within 2 days.

  • For any kind of delivery quarry, call 01616000091

  • When you will receive your product you will pay remaining 70%.

  • When you will receive your product, inform us and leave you feedback in our website.

How to Payment

  • You can wire transfer in our US account. If you choose this option then contact

  • You can pay by PayPal. If you choose this option then contact into

  • You can pay by BD bank account. Bank AC: 1545202855852001.If you choose this option then after paying, scan the money receipt and send it to our e-mail address or inbox us in our page.

  • You can pay by Bkash. Bkash A/C 01616000093. If you choose this option then after paying send your last four digits of your bkash number.

  • You can pay by DBBL mobile banking account. DBBL mobile banking A/C 01616000093-7. If you choose this option then after paying send last four digits of your mobile banking A/C.

  • 6. If you want to pay in cash then contact in 01616000091.

Before choosing any payment option contact in 01616000091.

Contact Us


Shantinagar plaza (4th Floor),
124/1, New Kakrail Road, Shantinagar,
Dhaka – 1000

If you need more information about your product order or about our service then contract

Miltan Talukder

Phone : +8801616 00 00 91
E-mail :

Ayatullah Sarker

Phone : +8801616 00 00 93
E-mail :

Ferdoush Alam

Phone : +8801616 00 00 98
E-mail :

Tarek Majumder

Phone : +8801616 00 00 97
E-mail :


  • What if any product breaks?

  • If any product breaks before delivery then all responsibility will be ours.

  • What if buyer has cleared payment but did not receive any payment notice.

  • If the buyer does not get any confirmation sms within three hours, they have to call in the number 01616000091.

  • What if buyers have completed payment but they did not receive the product in delivery date?

  • In such condition if the buyer contacts with proper evidence, they will get 100% money back within 24 hours.

  • What if there is a problem with delivery?

  • If there is any problem with delivery then buyers can contact in the number 01616000094.

  • What if the buyer feels there is a problem with price after delivery?

  • In such condition, if buyers contact our office with proper price related information, they will be provided with all the purchase related information.

  • What if the product you are buying, has warranty or guaranty?

  • If your product has warranty or guaranty and you want use that, in that case if you provide us the shipping cost, we will arrange everything for you.

  • What if you want have insurance for your product?

  • In such condition you can have “with insurance company condition” or if you provide us shipping cost we will arrange everything for you.

  • What if you ordered any unique product? Such as drugs, chemicals etc.

  • If you order any unique product, such as drugs, chemicals etc. then you have to pay our determined payment. Also if there is any fee or tax for Bangladesh customs, you have to pay that and you will get proper document of that.

  • When will you shipment time start?

  • Your shipment time will start when your product will arrive at the USA Company.
    Note: Seller shipping time = 3-7 days.

  • What if you have completed your payment but you don’t want the product.

  • In such condition you have to inform within one hour, then you will be able to take any alternative product or you can have your money back.

  • What if you have completed payment and after the product is bought you want to change it?

  • In such condition, if you inform within three days you have to pay 50% less of total amount and if you inform after three days you have 80% less of total amount.

  • What if you have completed your payment but the product is not bought yet and you want to change it?

  • If you inform us within two hours of payment then you do not have to pay any extra charge.

  • What if you live outside of Dhaka?

  • If you stay outside of Dhaka then you have to pay the cost of SA Paribahan or Shundarban Courier Service.
    1. If the product get damaged during courier then we will not be responsible for that.
    2. We will courier the product after ensuring its 100% quality.

  • What if we go for delivery but you are not home?

  • Then you have to collect your product from our office or if you want home delivery then you have provide the delivery cost.

  • What if any products shipping failed?

  • in such condition, we will buy the same product again and bring it in next shipping.

  • What if you want to send any product after you buy it?

  • in such condition if give us the shipping cost, we will deliver you product.
    1. If you have any complain for mentioned services then you can contact with our New York head office. You problem will be solved within 24 hours.
    2. If you have any comments or suggestion about our services then you can e-mail us.

  • What if after buying the product it detected with problem in USA?

  • If any product after buying detected with problem in USA, then we will again buy the product. In such condition shipment will be delayed a little.

  • What if you choose a product which is not from USA?

  • If you choose any product from Canada, Australia, Hong-Kong, Japan, Korea or Switzerland then your shipment will be delayed. Your shipping time will start after your product reached USA.

  • What will you do if you got any duplicate product?

  • If contact with us with proper document, we will bring you changed product.

  • What if your product is not from Amazon or eBay?

  • We also bring products which are not from Amazon or eBay, such as Best buy, Forever 21. But in such cases your delivery will be delayed a little.